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For those of you who don’t know Latin, we’d like to start off by briefly explaining its name: the word “sensus” translates as “understanding”. And that’s exactly what we’re about on this website.

In pastoral care, understanding people as individuals with their hopes and concerns plays an important role, not only in personal conversation but also in contact which nowadays often occurs at the digital level. That’s why we have chosen the motto “Understanding people – Protecting data” for this portal and for dealing with the challenges of digital communication.

But we’d like to understand you as well. We’d like to help you with the requirements that come up as a result of digital communication.

  • We’ve put together the information that’s important for each of the different target groups.
  • We introduce you to a whole number of systems and explain them in easy language.
  • We welcome questions and are pleased to provide answers.
  • You can find the websites of institutions here.
  • We’ll keep you up-to-date with news and newsletters in future.
  • We’re continually developing this site.

Go here for all information on secure email communication between voluntary staff and salaried staff using the new “Email Security Gateway”.

The decision of the diocese management

To be able to understand people and protect their data, it’s necessary to have the appropriate parameters with regard to digital communication.

In their sphere of responsibility, therefore, the diocese management has decided to develop communication that complies with data privacy regulations. More ...